Monday, 21 November 2011

Main Task: Profiling Your Audience

The Soulitude Reader: Malika is 17 and she has obsessed with Neo Soul. When she was younger, her mother would always be playing vinyl records and Malika would find herself free flowing in her diapers with her mother. The neo soul genre has played an important part of her life and has always provided her with escapism from the "harsh outside World". Malika is so interested in neo soul that she has even written a few of her own songs. Soulitude magazine has given her a monthly buzz on neo soul music. This magazine has allowed her to enjoy the latest songs and become aware of the new artists who are up and coming in the genre as she finds that there is not enough magazines and websites which focus only of neo soul.

Neo soul artists influence her style and personality. She has a passion for oversized jewellery and egyptian sculptures.

 Not only does she have a passion for neo soul but she is also patriotic for USA and she is interested in fashion...especially foot wear & printed fabrics.

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