Sunday, 20 November 2011

Main Task: Audience Research

I done an audience reasearch through social networking. This was to gather views on what to add to my magazine. I will use this data for my final designs.

Question: I'm making a music magazine based on neo-soul. I've come up with four titles for my magazine -
2.Feels Soul Good
3.Soul Ties
4.Power & Soul
Which one do you think is best?

From this research I will call the title of my magazine "Soulitude" due to the amount of people who chose it out of the other three titles. My colour scheme will be a mixture or different pastel colours and warm colours as my respondents agreed that it links to Soul Music. I have an idea of what I should put in my magazine, all of my friends who I asked what I should include said the latest/chart songs, and therefore it's crucial that I include that feature. Monthly was the publication limit which they all told me would be good. I will make my magazine £3 as I had a mixture of the prices which I should sell the magazine for ranging form £0-£5 so picked £3 to make it reasonable. I got many positive comments for my mood board so I know that I can always look back to it for inspiration during the making process of my magazine.

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