Friday, 9 December 2011

Main Task: Unmanipulated Photos

I will use this as one of my other images on my double page spread.
The photo I will not use
   I will not use this image because the lighting is too dark and there is something which contrasts with the background.

Double Page
   I will use this photograph for my double page spread because there is enough negative space for the fold of my magazine and I can also insert a quote on the right hand side and two collumns of text.

   I will use this photo for my front cover because it has a good amout of space around it to write my coverlines and insert my masthead. It is a medium close up which is good because it cleary shows who my subject it.

   I will use this image for my contents page because it is a clear image and it shows a lot of the subject as it is a medium long shot.


This image of hair products will be used for my contents page as hair products can fit with the neo-soul genre. The lighting of this photo is good as I used available light and flash.


I will also use this image for my contents page because it is really bright and clear. It will be used as a picture for a magazine feature.

I will use this picture of myself for my editiors note section on my contents page.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Main Task: Case Study Of A Publishing House


MusicMags is a company which publishes magazines for musical instrument retailers. The company was established in 1998. This company owns many magazines which all target musically interested people but this all depends on the type of music they’re a fanatic for and which instrument they pay attention to.

Alternative Press: This magazine is based on the modern rock music genre. A few of the most common features in this magazine are song/album charts & interviews.

Jazz Times: This is a music magazine based on jazz music. One of the most common features for this magazine are the music album, book and video reviews.

Half Time: Unlike "Jazz Times" and "Alternative Press"; which focus on reviews, interviews and music artist, this magazine looks at the art of marching. It also draws in all different kinds of age groups to get them involved in the talent of a marching. This magazine leans more to the educational and gifted side of music instead of the mainstream entertaining leisure side of music.

EQ: EQ magazine is for musical tools like amplifiers, speakers, mixers and much more. The magazine offers techniques on how to use certain musical equipment 

Drum: Drum magazine focuses on  the biggest drummers who are up and coming. It also focuses on different kinds of drums including electronic drum kits like 8o8's.

MusicMags publish a wide selection of magazines. They own over two dozen titles. Some examples of these magazines are “Alternative Press”, “Half Time”, “Jazz Times”, “EQ”, “Drum” and many more.

The audience for the magazines which the MusicMags company publishes is most likely someone who can play an instrument or have an interest in the rock, indie or jazz genres. The magazines which the company publish are all music related so this targets people who have a passion for music. Some of the magazines are based on musical instruments like drums and guitars; this will attract an audience who play these different types of instruments.

The company has many dealers in Canada and USA. MusicMags purpose was to publish peoples magazines without hassle and fuss. They relised that many music stores looked towards a number of different companies to take care of their publication which meant that contacting many different companies when something went wrong took up a load of time and caused confusion. MusicMags takes care of many things so that dealers can call one company for a query, with no stress.
This company's main business interest is publishing magazines linked to music.