Friday, 11 November 2011

Main Task: Double Page Spread Textual Analysis

This double page spread from BULLET magazine contains text and a photo. The photograph in this double page spread is on the right hand side. It takes up roughly a quarter of the double page spread. It is a black and white photo; it uses mid tones of grey. There is a black male sitting on the floor surrounded by drums, speakers and stands. His t-shirt is a really strong which contrasts with the different tones of greys and the black areas. His legs are spread out and one of his arms is resting on an instrument whilst the other arm is resting on him lap. His head is slightly tilted to the side. This is a long shot photo which shows his whole body and part of the surroundings. The composition of this photo is asymmetrical. The man's name is on the left hand side of the double page spread in capital letters.

What you can connote from the double page spread it that the man sitting on the floor is a music artist or a producer because of the music related objects which surround him. He also looks like an earthy person because he has grown it and it is not braided nor tied up. This fits the hippy and peace subculture trend.

The black male in the photograph is an underground soul singer called Jesse Boykins III. He is also a producer and a song writer.
Jesse is wearing a t-shirt which is a v-neck with a lace. He is wearing fitted skinny leg trousers and wing tip brogues. His hair is left out in a Nubian afro. He has tribal bracelets on his left wrist and he has rings on his fingers on his right hand.

Non-Verbal Communication:
Jesse Boykins III is looking directly at the camera. He is sat on the floor with a really relaxed and laid back posture which connotes that he is a down to earth person.

The photograph looks as if it has been set in a studio because of the props which are in the photo.

The props used in the photo are speakers, sound proofing foams, drums and stands. 

The headline is the character’s name. It is visible because the black text contrasts against the white background, there is also a lot of space around it and nothing is obstructing the text. The text is in upper case letters and the font is a serif font. This connotes that he makes music with a meaning because the font is very formal.

Target Audience:
The target audience for this double page spread is most likely to be couples between the ages of 18 – 30 who have an interest in romantic music which they can make love to.

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