Friday, 7 October 2011

Preliminary Task: Front Cover Textual Analysis

What I can denote from this magazine cover, is a medium long shot of a girl with her mouth opened, holding a paper in her hand. There are people in the background and the image has a negative depth of field. Above the main picture I can see three separate pictures. One of the small pictures have a building with a group of people in front of it, the middle picture has a women holding up papers and the small picture on the right has boys in a single file line.

What I can connote from the magazine cover, is a girl with a really shocked face from what she has seen on the paper. She looks as if she is screaming. In the small picture on the right there are students walking in front of a building. The middle small picture has women holding up cheques. The small picture on the right is a photograph of a boy’s football team.

In the main image, the girl is in a casual, colourful, stripy vest. The people in the background are also dressed rather casually by wearing jeans, hoodies & t-shirts. The small photo on the top left have people wearing formal garments, the small picture in the middle has women wearing motherly clothing e.g. the pastel coloured blouse and midi skirt, the small photo on the top right has boys wearing a sports kit.

The prop used in the main image is a sheet of paper with writing on it. The props in the small image in the middle are cheques. The props used in the small picture on the top left are a football.

The main image on the magazine cover looks as if in was set in a college. The small image in the top left looks like it has been set outside a university.  The middle small image looks like it has been set in a community centre. The small picture on the right hand side is set on a sports ground.

Non-verbal Communication
In the main image the girl has a shocked expression with her mouth wide open and her eyes are also wide open. Her left hand is in a fixed position and her hand is open.
In the top left small picture the people are walking and some of them are facing each other.
In the middle small picture the women are standing really close together they do not look tense.
In the top right small picture the boys are standing really straight and they are behind each other.

The small picture on the top left & the small picture on the top right both use natural light. The small middle picture uses the natural light which shines through the window. The main image is really bright and the background is in negative depth of field.

The phrase "up close" links to the main image as the photo is a medium close up. The words "result" and "colleges" gives the main image the connotation that the girl in the image has just got her exam results and now has the correct grades/points to transition to further education.

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