Friday, 23 September 2011

Induction: Movie Poster Textual Analysis

From what I can see in this poster the background is an orange skull with a staircase leading to it in the midground. The lighting starts of dark then goes really bright then dark again. There is a man standing straight wearing dark coloured garments which the sleeves are rolled up and the shirt is not fully buttoned. In his left hand he has a whip. The text is in sans serif.

The meanings which I believe are attached to the poster are that he is dressed like that because he is a warrior. His silhouette shows that he is a bold and strong man who is in charge. The way he is holding his whip shows that he is ready to fight and the skull in the background looks like it is on fire which makes the poster look dangerous. The bright, hot colours on top of the dark colours look really serious. The text looks like a cartoon so I suggest that there are comedy parts in the film.

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