Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Preliminary Task: College Front Cover FINAL

I developed my front cover layout 2.
The tools which I used to make my front cover:
  • Quick Selection Tool - To create a shape around the head so that I could copy an paste it on top of the masthead/logo
  • Horizontal Type Tool - So that I could write text on the cover
  • Rectangle Tool - So that I could put my cover lines on top of the shape to enable my cover lines to be more visible
  • Ellipse Tool - So that I could put text on top of it to stand out more
  • Eye Dropper Tool - So that I could get the colour closest to what I needed
  • Drop Shadow - to make some of my text and shapes look 3D
I also rasterized some of my layers so that I could add transform some of my text. I used the perspective transformation, the rotation transformation and the scale transformation.

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