Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Main Task: Post Production Feedback

I asked my audience what they thought of my final media product.
I had a mixture of responses from them. The negatives we're mostly linked to my contents page.
 I agree that the font which I used for my category is not appealing, however I tried various fonts and found it difficult to find a font which fits with the rest of my contents page. The green and white was constantly used so that I had continuity between my pages. If I was to do this task again I would try to use less green and white.

I was thinking to change my the white background used for my contents page but the comb margin looked best in black and green.

I am happy with my front cover and it is most favourited by my audience. If I could do my final pieces again I would definitely spend far more time and take more care of my contents page as it seemed my weak point.

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