Friday, 9 December 2011

Main Task: Unmanipulated Photos

I will use this as one of my other images on my double page spread.
The photo I will not use
   I will not use this image because the lighting is too dark and there is something which contrasts with the background.

Double Page
   I will use this photograph for my double page spread because there is enough negative space for the fold of my magazine and I can also insert a quote on the right hand side and two collumns of text.

   I will use this photo for my front cover because it has a good amout of space around it to write my coverlines and insert my masthead. It is a medium close up which is good because it cleary shows who my subject it.

   I will use this image for my contents page because it is a clear image and it shows a lot of the subject as it is a medium long shot.


This image of hair products will be used for my contents page as hair products can fit with the neo-soul genre. The lighting of this photo is good as I used available light and flash.


I will also use this image for my contents page because it is really bright and clear. It will be used as a picture for a magazine feature.

I will use this picture of myself for my editiors note section on my contents page.

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